Show your patients you care

How does MX Appointments (formerly called MX Connect) work?

  • Daily at 4PM Local Time
    • Your appointments for the next 3 days will automatically transmit to our processing center where the e-mails, texts and calls are made.
  • 3 Days Prior the Appointment
    • The patient will receive an email from the processing center. This email can be customized and include a link to your website.
      • The patient can confirm the appointment by clicking "confirm" link in the email. An additional link can be put into the e-mail that will send a message to the office in real time indicating the patient needs to be contacted. This text can include the office phone number.
      • If not confirmed, the patient will receive a customized text 2 days before the appointment. The patient can confirm by replying Y to the text.
      • If the appointment is still not confirmed, the patient will receive a phone call (2 attempts will be made) the evening before the appointment to confirm.
      • Patients will receive a text 2 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Every Morning
    • You will receive a status report (printable) of all patients contacted. If your vendor uses our API, your appointment calendar can show you the status of each appointment. 

Ongoing patient engagement builds relationships and loyalty. It shows them you care. After all, patient no shows are bad! They are bad for the patient since they are not getting the care they need and bad for the practice who reserved the time to treat the patient who does not show up.

How much does MX Appointments cost?

Pay only 20 cents per appointment (not per email, text or call) or a monthly minimum of $99 (495 patient reminders processed for the minimum charge) including a same day text reminder.

If you export your appointments from your computer system, we can use that export for this purpose. There is no charge for the interface and if you are already a MedXpress client, you already have the software installed!

Next time it snows or floods and you need to close the office, MX Connect will make the calls for you advising your patients accordingly.

Automated Appointment Reminder System